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Flapping is a young-spirited company, with more than thirty years of experience in the tourism industry globally.
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Flapping commercially represents tourism companies in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
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Es momento de incrementar sus ventas y agregar valor a su compañía, y en Flapping sabemos decididamente, como conseguirlo.

Insights. Space for reflection.

The changing reality of the tourism industry presents itself as a great challenge, a huge opportunity. The impact of the pandemic on tourism is undoubtedly complex.

The public and private sectors are implementing programs and subsidies to boost the industry by implementing hygiene and safety protocols to regain the traveller’s confidence. 

A world without tourism has made it clear that today more than ever, we need tourism. A strong, vital, responsible industry that sustainably benefits host communities and at the same time protects the cultural and environmental heritage of destinations.

I am convinced that traveling and immersing ourselves in new cultures and ways of life develop personal growth, contribute to human understanding, empathy, and compassion between peoples.

In this context, the opportunities for the travel industry are enormous. Let’s foster these positive connections together, developing global businesses for both companies and destinations. Together we can create the future right now.

Gabriel Costa
Managing Director, Flapping